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Hotel Silberstein

The Hotel Silberstein is located on Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos, in the town of Puerto Ayora, five minutes walk to Charles Darwin Research Station and 50 meters to the sea.

Galapagos - Hotel Silberstein

Just a five minute walk from the Charles Darwin Research Station stands the beautiful Hotel Silberstein! With 24 rooms, standard amenities and an unforgettable dining experience, you will never forget the relaxing and enjoyable time that you had at Hotel Silberstein. If you are going on Galapagos Island tours during the day, this is one of the best places to stay at night.

With a mix of double and twin beds, hotel Silberstein is an excellent hotel for your Galapagos holidays! Whether you are going solo or taking the family, Hotel Silberstein has a room that is perfect for you. Conveniently located in front of the hotel is Dive Center Silberstein, one of Galapagosí foremost Diving destinations. If you are interested in diving for your Galapagos holidays and adventures, consider staying at the wonderful Hotel Silberstein!

This is one of the many excellent Galapagos resorts that Discover Galapagos has to offer! We have made it easy for you to find the Galapagos resorts you want to stay at when you go on your thrilling Galapagos Island tours.


Galapagos - Hotel Silberstein Galapagos - Hotel Silberstein
Galapagos - Hotel Silberstein - King Room
King Room
Galapagos - Hotel Silberstein - Queen Room
Queen Room
Galapagos - Hotel Silberstein - Double Room
Double Room
Galapagos - Hotel Silberstein - Single Room
Single Room

Dining at Hotel Silberstein is an unforgettable experience for all senses. Our menu includes Ecuadorian cuisine and international specialty meals for all different types of tastes. Everyday our guests are pampered by chefs that create delicious, fresh, and healthy dishes.

Coming by air from Quito or Guayaquil to Baltra Island airport, passengers will take the bus to Itabaca Channel (which is crossed by ferry to the north of Santa Cruz Island) and on to the town of Puerto Ayora on the south side of Santa Cruz.

Crossing by bus from north to south the passengers will observe in its 42 km. seven different types of micro climates which spread out of the sea level up to the highlands reaching interesting desert-like places wet regions, finally getting to Puerto Ayora and to your home, the Hotel Silberstein (nee Angermeyer).

At the beginning of the 20th century, members of the Angermeyer family arrived at the islands and established the Residential Angermeyer. Surrounded by a beautiful garden it was an information center for tourist willing to get to know all the secrets the Enchanted Islands.

Hotel Silberstein Galapagos accommodation and tours

The new owners, Werner Silberstein and his wife Gabriele, of German origin, have changed the name of Hotel Angermeyer to Hotel Silberstein while maintaining the traditional hospitality with a modern service, ready to provide your accommodation with all meals to high standard in a natural paradise. 

Hotel Silberstein Galapagos accommodation and tours

Dive Center

Dive Center Silberstein is conveniently located in front of Hotel Silberstein. We offer daily diving tours to the best surrounding dive spots, as well as all PADI courses: Introductory Dive, Open Water, Advanced Diver, Rescue Diver, and Dive Master.

In Galapagos there are multiple variations of Dive Vacations. Besides our Daily Diving Tours to the surrounding Islands it is also possible to do a Dive "Island Hopping" with our Galapagos Dive Connection or with enough experience, go up North to the famous Islands of Darwin and Wolf with one of the luxurious Dive Cruises.

Island Hopping in Diving is a great opportunity to get to know the Galapagos underwater world. A wide variety of Dive spots is offered, land based and without the necessity of being on a cruise starting from San Cristobal, Santa Cruz and Isabela, with overnights on each Island. This program should start with a minimum 7 days on the Islands, though more days is preferred, to fully experience the diving from the eastern to the western Islands. Our partners are specific Dive Bases on the other Islands, and we have a specific code of quality to ensure the best and safest experience for all our divers.

All Dive cruises have the same destination: Darwin and Wolf! In 8-day Cruises the ultimate highlight in diving is with hundreds of Hammerheads and other sharks, especially the great whale shark, many different kinds of rays, sea lions and many more. We work with the different boats in different categories that offer different specialties. Of course we offer interesting extensions at out Hotel Silberstein with daily tours to combine the diving tour with the unique experiences of Daily tours, where visitors can see all kinds of birds, iguanas, sea lions and more on land, to get a complete experience of the Galapagos.



2019 Rates
All rates are per person and in US dollars. 
Rates and itineraries subject to change at any time

Silberstein Single Double
Per Night
(including all taxes and mini-buffet breakfast)
$222 $279
Cruise Package* Single Double
3 day / 2 night $1245 $903
4 day / 3 nights $1805 $1383
5 day / 4 nights $2400 $1755
6 day / 5 nights $2948 $2231
7 day / 6 nights $3488 $2698
8 day / 7 nights $3968 $3104
SCUBA Package** Single Double
4 days - 4 dives
All gear & Divemaster
$1861 $1438
5 days - 6 dives
All gear & Divemaster
$2453 $1958
6 days - 8 dives
All gear & Divemaster
$3045 $2478
7 days - 10 dives
All gear & Divemaster
$3638 $2998
8 days - 12 dives
All gear & Divemaster
$4230 $3518

*Cruise Package rates include: Transfers to and from Baltra, accommodation, all meals, visits to the islands aboard 16-20 passenger yachts according to the itineraries below, English speaking guides and all taxes.

** SCUBA Package rates include: Transfers to and from Baltra, accommodation, all meals, full diving equipment, visit to Darwin Station (on first day) and all taxes.

Dive Sites Approved by the National Park*:
Mon: Santa Fe
Tue: Floreana
Wed: Plaza & Gordon Rocks
Thu: Daphne
Fri: North Seymour
Sat: Cousin & Bartolome
Sun: Plaza & Gordon Rocks
* Subject to change at any time

Rates do NOT include: Airfare, Galapagos National Park entrance fee, tourist transit card, drinks, tips and personal expenses.

Galapagos Reservations



Sample Itinerary:

4 days / 3 nights:
Day 1: Transfer in, Darwin Station
Day 2: Day cruise
Day 3: Day cruise
Day 4: Transfer out

5 days / 4 nights:
Day 1: Transfer in, Darwin Station
Day 2: Day cruise
Day 3: Day cruise
Day 4: Visit to the Highlands of Santa Cruz and to Tortuga Bay or La Garrapatera
Day 5: Transfer out

8 days / 7 nights:
Day 1: Transfer in, Darwin Station
Day 2: Day cruise
Day 3: Day cruise
Day 4: Visit to the Highlands of Santa Cruz and to Tortuga Bay
Day 5: Day cruise
Day 6: La Garrapatera & Academy Bay Tour
Day 7: Day cruise or Cerro Mesa or Media Luna hike
Day 8: Transfer out

* Note: Day cruises may be to Bartolome, Plaza or North Seymour with the 4 and 5 day packages and to those and Isabela and Floreana for 6, 7 & 8 day packages.

* All itineraries are subject to change at any time and for any reason

Enjoy your stay at the Hotel Silberstein in Galapagos!

Galapagos Reservations

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