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Evan's Ecuador

We learned about the plants and animals of the rainforest...

A Cofan man was our guide

and how the people here live

Aguarico, Sucumbios

And we went on a hike with a Cofan chief. There was a great, great, big, big tree. It is a kapok tree. I saw a monkey and my Daddy didn't see it. I could have reached out and touched it. We went and saw some jaguar tracks and I wasn't scared at all. And my Daddy ate a larvae from a coconut! He had a sour kind of face.

After our walk we went to the village and I blew a real blow gun and I hit a wooden parrot. My Daddy bought me a blow gun. A real blow gun with darts.  And I practiced on a banana tree.

School Notes - The Cofan people have lived in this area of the Amazon for thousands of years. They still depend on the rainforest for food, shelter and medicine. The chiefs, elders and shamans of the jungle have been working very hard to pass this wealth of knowledge on to future generations. Our help in protecting the Amazon from exploitation is greatly appreciated. Their future (and ours!) depends on the rainforests.



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