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Evan's Ecuador

We saw papagayos every day...

Tatiana, our guide, let me paddle the canoe!

and lots of other kinds of parrots!

Cuyabeno, Sucumbios

We were walking on the boardwalk and we saw some macaws. They were on the top of the trees in the branches and they were all sorts of different colors. We went travelling in the boat. When we were paddling on that boat we saw a three-toed tree sloth. When we got close to the hut I got to paddle the boat.

We walked a long way on the boardwalk!


The hammock was great!After lunch it was raining really hard so we stayed at the hut and played in the hammock. We found this little bug that was a kind of beetle. He was crawling around. And I went fishing and I caught a big fish that ate some of my fishing meat.


There were piranhas living in the water and we went swimming with the piranhas and the dolphins. The dolphins were pink and white and they are blind. The dolphins stayed around us for a long time.

School Notes - Cuyabeno National Park is located in the province of Sucumbios in eastern Ecuador near the Peruvian border. Cuyabeno is home to the Cofan people, jaguars, anacondas, harpy eagles, tapir, caiman, turtles, macaws, sloths, and pink river dolphins. The entire Ecuadorian Amazon is threatened by oil exploration, road building, logging and cattle ranching.



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