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Evan's Ecuador


Look Daddy, a purple sea star!
The Devil's Crown near Floreana Island

and more fish!

Floreana, Galapagos

This is where I learned to snorkel. I really really love to snorkel. My guide went down and picked up a sea star for me and my Daddy took a picture of it at Devil's Crown. We saw some penguins swimming around. I saw lots of fish in the water and some of them were Angelfish. The water was really warm. When it rained it was warmer in the water than out of it. I thought I saw an electric eel but maybe it was an electric fish. Or maybe it wasn't electric at all.

We saw some flamingos in the water and some of them were flying. We got pretty close to them but far enough so they wouldn't fly away from us. We watched them eating shrimp and that is why they are pink.

We saw flamingoes from the trail
Flamingoes by Evan


My Daddy and I were playing pirates and we took over the boat. I was the captain of the boat. The real Captain was a very nice man who let me drive the boat. We saw dolphins jumping out of the waves in front of the boat. My Daddy was yelling yahoo! I saw them looking up at me. The dolphins stayed with us until they disappeared into the waves.

Arr, laddie, I be the captain now!
Captain Evan

 I had so much fun snorkeling

Come on in, the water's fine!School Notes - The Devil's Crown off the coast of Floreana is one of the best places in Galapagos to snorkel. You can see green sea turtles, white-banded angelfish, Moorish idols, rainbow wrasse, moray eels, white-tip reef sharks and penguins.



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