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I saw the masked booby on almost every island
A masked booby

and boobies!

Hood Island, Galapagos

We saw a masked booby. It was a green-footed booby and green-footed boobies are masked boobies. There are blue-footed boobies and red-footed boobies, too.

There was a blow hole that spurted up water and sprayed us. I saw some marine iguanas cooling off near the booby. Marine iguanas swim and go on land and they eat sea lettuce.

I built a sand volcano and it was white and it looked like Cotopaxi. A sea lion rolled over and touched me on the ankle when I was on the beach. They were all females with young ones. My Daddy used to lie on the beach with the sea lions. They're his friends, too.

After snorkeling we went to the beach

One of the sea lions on the beach touched me

Daddy and I made a sand volcano


School Notes - The southeast side of Hood Island is a rugged coast line with steep cliffs. They have been eroded by waves pushed ashore by the strong southeast tradewinds. The waved albatros use the cliffs and strong winds for take-off. On the north side of Hood island are beautiful white sand beaches like the one at Gardner Bay.



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