Discover Galapagos

Evan's Ecuador

Lava lizards...

Look at the sea lion puppy!
A sea lion pup at Plaza

...and land iguanas!

Islas Plazas, Galapagos

This is where I saw my first land iguana. He was sitting under a cactus tree in the shade. On that rock tower there was writing and it said this is Galapagos National Park. There was a mommy sea lion with a baby beside it. We walked along a cliff and we saw a bull sea lion going down on some rocks into the water. You have to be careful of bull sea lions because they can be aggressive.

Make sure you give these guys plenty of room!

I really like the sea lions.

School Notes - Galapagos National Park was established in 1959 to protect the unique flora and fauna of the islands. In 1978 the islands were proclaimed a World Heritage Site. Visitors are allowed at designated visitor sites throughout the islands. You must remain on established trails.  Your naturalist guide will interpret the natural and human heritage of the islands and enforce national park regulations.



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