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The Giant Galapagos Tortoise...

Mauricio and I and the tortioses
At the Charles Darwin Research Station

Lonesome George

Santa Cruz, Galapagos

We went and saw some tortoises. One was named Lonesome George. He is named Lonesome George because he is the last one from the place he was found. We also saw little baby ones. The people here want to help the tortoises to survive. They put the baby ones back on some of the islands when they are big enough.

Come on into the lava tube! In the highlands we went inside a cave from the volcano. We climbed down the ladder into the cave. It was hot outside and really cool inside. There were ferns growing inside the cave. We walked along a trail but not all the way. Our guide said the cave went a long way. Later, we went to see the twin craters at the top of the island.  I saw lots of birds with the binoculars Mauricio let me use. I like to watch birds! I think we saw a rat, too.

I really really really liked Galapagos...
I had fun with my Daddy.


School Notes - The Charles Darwin Research Station is located in Academy Bay on Santa Cruz Island. Scientists and students from all over the world come here to better understand and protect the Galapagos and its wildlife. It has been through the efforts of the Darwin Station and others that the Galapagos tortoise has been saved from extinction.



Thanks for saving Lonesome George!




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