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Evan's Ecuador


At the Saquisili market...
Photo by Evan


Saquisili, Cotopaxi

I really liked the animal market. There were lots of animals there like llamas , pigs (black and pink), goats and cows. And we saw some cowboys on their horses. In the middle of the town there is a really big square and that's where we saw the baby chickens and all kinds of neat stuff! 

Our hotel was an old hacienda with really big rooms. My Daddy and I played catch in our room and in the playground where there was an old tractor. We collected the tops of the eucalyptus nuts and we put them by the swing. We could see Cotopaxi.

My Daddy bought this painting from a girl at the market

School Notes - The Saquisili market is one of the largest  of the traditional markets in the Avenue of the Volcanoes. Other nearby markets include Pujili, Latacunga and Ambato. The Hacienda La Cienaga was one of the largest of the colonial haciendas in the area.



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