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Ecuador is a country rich in cultural heritage. The Valdivian culture first appeared on the coast of Ecuador over 8,000 years ago. The Museums of the Banco Central in Quito provide a wealth of information and artifacts on all aspects of Ecuadorian culture through the millennia. Vist the Museums of the Banco Central...

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El Condor Pasa
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For more information regarding the possibilities that exist for travel and exploration in Galapagos, Ecuador and Peru,  contact:

Inti Travel and Tours

All of our trips are guided by licensed tourist guides who are intimately familiar with (and sensitive to) the nature, culture and people of the places we visit. Our passengers are transported by cars, vans or buses depending on the size of the group. We will always take the time we need for you to enjoy the scenery, people and food along the way.

Evan is a 10 year old boy from Canada. Join Evan and his little sister on their journey...

Evan's Ecuador 1998 
Evan's Ecuador, Peru & Bolivia 2000

Adventures of Little Miss Chievous

Photo Journal

Prehistoric Jaguar Mask, Ecuador
Banco Central, Ecuador

Special thanks to the Museums of the Banco Central for the generous use of images of pieces in their collections


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