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Inti Travel and Tours - Photo Journal - Ecuador - Andes
"It appears to me that nothing can be more improving to a young naturalist than a journey in distant countries." - Charles Darwin, Voyage of the Beagle

All of the photographs in this collection were taken between 1983-1986 while Jeff Waugh was working with world renown Canadian photographer Courtney Milne. The two conducted photography workshops and natural and human history tours together in Ecuador and spent their "spare time"  traveling off the beaten track in a jeep through the Andes searching for "sacred places". The original photographs were taken with Kodachrome 64 and Fuji 100 slide film.

Basket Women, Cuenca, Ecuador
Basket Women, Cuenca  Jeff Waugh

Basket Women
Market day is a big day for many people throughout the Andes. These women in Cuenca were on their way very early in the morning with their wares on their backs.

The Priest, Cojitambo, Ecuador
The Priest, Cojitambo Jeff Waugh

The Church
The Catholic Church has a strong presence in almost every community in the Ecuadorian Andes. Cojitambo is a small village to the northwest of Cuenca.

The Girl, Esperanza, Ecuador
The Girl, Esperanza  Jeff Waugh

The Girl

Rural Ecuador offers the photographer an amazing opportunity to see, learn about and photograph the lifestyle of the people of this beautiful country. Esperanza is a small community on the old "cobblestone road" just outside Ibarra in the province of Imbabura.

The Family, Olmedo, Ecuador
The Family, Olmedo  Jeff Waugh

The Family
As we traveled the cobblestone road we passed by people walking along the road, working in the fields and just relaxing or playing games by their homes.

The Priest, San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador
The Monk, San Francisco de Quito  Jeff Waugh

The Monk
While in Quito we were invited into the inner courtyard of the Church of San Francisco de Quito.

The Mortician, Otavalo, Ecuador
The Mortician, Otavalo  Jeff Waugh
The Mortician
This man seems proud and pleased with his work. Many shop keepers work hard, long hours to make a living (in whatever they do).
The Children, Saquisili, Ecuador
The Children, Saquisili  Jeff Waugh

The Children
These children appeared from the windows of their home to see what the two strangers were up to.

The Soup Maker, San Pablo, Ecuador
The Soup Maker, San Pablo  Jeff Waugh

The Soup Maker
This elderly woman was boiling an enormous pot of soup just alongside the road in San Pablo, Imbabura.

Mother and Child, Atuntaqui, Ecuador
Mother and Child, Atuntaqui  Jeff Waugh

and Child

These women appeared from their thatched-roofed mud hut to welcome the photographers to their home with smiles.

The Boys, Salinas, Ecuador
The Boys, Salinas  Jeff Waugh

The Boys
Smiles, smiles and more smiles. Just about everywhere the pair traveled, they were met with smiles by the people in the Andes!


Ecuador - The Andes | Photo Journal


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